Privacy Policy

Any information you send to White Night London is kept completely confidential. Our company policy is to never sell or loan any confidential information. Only after specifically asking you for permission and with your explicit consent will we use any personal information for any purpose other than in relation to your particular treatment. Our privacy practises are described in greater detail on this page. This page will be updated if our privacy practises change, so check back occasionally.

How Information Is Collected And Used

We obtain the following data when you sign up using one of our web forms or by phone: Your name and last name, a contact phone number, your email address, your home address, your preferences for treatment may also be requested. We collect this data so that we can give you relevant information as well as retain internal records. Your information is used to contact you via email, mail, or SMS with appointment reminders, special offers, news, and treatments.


Robust data protection measures and procedures are in place to ensure that your information is not accessible by any unauthorised person or body.

How To Control Your Personal Information

By emailing, you can ask for a copy of the personal data we have on file about you in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. Please send an email to if you believe that any information we have on you is inaccurate or incomplete. You can also ask for this information in writing, albeit the processing of your request can incur a small administrative fee.


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        Maya Jama – TV Presenter

      • “The nurse has been absolutely brilliant! Really enjoyed it and would love to do it again soon.”

        Roxana – WN client

      • “Great concept and company. The nurse was great and very professional. I will be looking to book again.”

        Kamela – WN client

      • “Easy like Sunday morning.”

        Wallis Day – Actress

      • “This has been such a good experience. The nurse was lovely and so professional and the chill out playlist definitely helped. Highly recommend.”

        Lina Matluma – Stylist

      • “If you are ever in need of feeling better, check this company out. Really cool.”

        Julius Cowdrey – Singer

      • “Thank you White Night for keeping me healthy. Having a drip in the comfort of your own home is the best.”

        Roxy Horner – Model

      • “Yesterday I had White Night visit us for a vitamin B12 shot. I’ve been pretty fatigued lately and last time I got a shot it made a big difference to my energy levels. I’m a big believer in getting your vitamins through natural sources but as I train regularly, I find adding additional supplements & vitamins helps to keep me energised, happy & focused. If you’re following a plant based diet like me then you may be deficient in B12 too.”

        Henry J Wade – Digital Influencer

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