White Night for Events

A morning of peace after a night of party

Step 1. Rejoice / Step 2. Rejuvenate

After a night of festivities, the party lives on with White Night’s group concierge service. Treat your guests or fellow partygoers to a soothing morning with our White Night Nurses, who bring a high end sanctuary of mobile medicine to leave you replenished and recharged.

You have so much more to offer the world when you’re taking care of yourself and not running on empty.

Whether it’s a wedding, big birthday bash, business trip, or just general R&R, White Night creates bespoke group events to cater to just what you need.

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      • “The nurse has been absolutely brilliant! Really enjoyed it and would love to do it again soon.”

        Roxana – WN client

      • “Had a vitamin drip from White Night. 10/10 - would recommend”

        Maya Jama – TV Presenter

      • “This has been such a good experience. The nurse was lovely and so professional and the chill out playlist definitely helped. Highly recommend.”

        Lina Matluma – Stylist

      • “Great concept and company. The nurse was great and very professional. I will be looking to book again.”

        Kamela – WN client

      • “Easy like Sunday morning.”

        Wallis Day – Actress

      • “Thank you White Night for keeping me healthy. Having a drip in the comfort of your own home is the best.”

        Roxy Horner – Model

      • “Yesterday I had White Night visit us for a vitamin B12 shot. I’ve been pretty fatigued lately and last time I got a shot it made a big difference to my energy levels. I’m a big believer in getting your vitamins through natural sources but as I train regularly, I find adding additional supplements & vitamins helps to keep me energised, happy & focused. If you’re following a plant based diet like me then you may be deficient in B12 too.”

        Henry J Wade – Digital Influencer

      • “If you are ever in need of feeling better, check this company out. Really cool.”

        Julius Cowdrey – Singer

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