We often rush into things, run after our goals and feel miserable when things don’t happen as quickly as we wanted them to.

Take a day and slow all of it down. Brush your teeth slowly, kiss the ground with your feet slowly, cook your favourite meal slowly, make love slowly…

Slowing down makes space for the present moment.

It takes courage to just breathe, sit back and soak it all in, allowing whatever is next to arrive when it’s time.

Just as nature has its seasons, so does everything and everyone. We are not separate from it.

We need the Fall to let go of all that is not serving us. Leaves of old behaviours, patterns, beliefs falling down from our branches, creating fertilizer for new things to grow.

The Winter- to rest and nourish our depleted selves, preparing our energy and bodies for the seeds and sprouts of the Spring.

And the Spring comes- when it is ready.

We gather and celebrate in Summer.

To fall back into Fall again and start the cycle over.

Trust the divine unfolding of life and the seed of your true nature within, growing at its own pace.

Enjoy the now.

Yeva Don

‘Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’

Lao Tz
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